Internet Marketing for Plumbers:

When it comes to the internet the usage has exploded. Facebook to Skype, Bing to Google 80% of people in the US use the internet on a monthly (if not daily basis).

With so many people online a business owner definitely needs to take advantage of the opportunities internet marketing offers. With internet marketing you can sell your product Nationwide and people are buying! Gone are the days of being fearful to shop online. Black Monday (the internet version of Black Friday) sees a growth in purchases online every year.

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Yellow Page Marketing for Plumbers:

When it comes to the way a plumber advertises; the world sure has changed. 10 years ago most marketing experts or agencies would recommend you spend at least 35%-50% of your advertising budget in the yellow pages, times have changed.

Every year the yellow page audience is getting smaller and smaller yet the cost to place an ad in these books seem to keep getting higher and higher.

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Television Marketing for Plumbers:

As with yellow pages there was a time where TV advertising was good, put a jingle in a commercial and people will be singing your tune as it became viral. The problem with TV marketing now is there is a thing called DVR.

DVR is a system which allows you to record your programs and watch them on your schedule instead of the broadcaster’s schedule. It also allows you to fast forward through commercials (yes the advertising).

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Newspaper Advertising for Plumbers:

Newspaper advertising has been a way a lot of businesses tried to help brand their name. While I think newspaper advertising is good for some businesses it is definitely not something I would recommend a plumber to spend more than 15% of their budget on and even that is the very high end.

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Radio Advertising for Plumbers:

When it comes to radio advertising my thought is your risking a lot with little to gain.

One of the major problems with Radio advertising is the 35 and under demographic now have iTunes and Pandora to satisfy their music needs (and it is right in their pocket for the most part with smart phones). So if you were looking to target that demographic and you are set on advertising on the radio you will want to look at advertising on those sources.

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Direct Mail Marketing for Plumbers:

Direct Mail Marketing can be a good way to generate leads offline. Not only does it help brand your company but it also enables you to be placed right in the homes and businesses of your potential customers and in a target area.
We have heard great success stories as well as horror stories when it comes to direct mail. While direct mail can be beneficial for some companies it is not for every company or business model.

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