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Direct Mail Marketing can be a good way to generate leads offline. Not only does it help brand your company but it also enables you to be placed right in the homes and businesses of your potential customers and in a target area.
We have heard great success stories as well as horror stories when it comes to direct mail. While direct mail can be beneficial for some companies it is not for every company or business model.

Here are some facts from Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Pitney Bowes:
79% of households either read or skim junk mail advertising sent to their home.
73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements or offers from companies they do business with.
43% found direct mail less intrusive than e-mail or unsolicited telemarketing.

Those numbers alone I found to be very interesting. I started talking with clients, friends and other business owners who have used direct mail to see what their results were. The reason for this is because anyone can make stats swing in their favor. You can call it a trick of marketing. To get the true facts and real results you need to know what questions were ask, what areas were surveyed etc.

Amazingly enough over 55% of people we asked had success with a direct mail campaign. While less than 25% found it to be a waste of advertising dollars and the remaining 21% said they didn’t track good enough to tell if it worked or not. When asked if they would do it again the majority said yes, if the price was right.

A tree service company said they got an amazing return. They placed a simple free estimate with $50 off and said they received a good response and continue to do the direct marketing to this day.

An auto repair company offered $29.95 oil change and free tire rotation. They said they did not feel they got the response that warranted the cost.

A plumbing company offered a $49.95 drain cleaning or $25 off a service call. They said they didn’t track good enough but after discussing this with them they looked at the numbers for the months they ran the campaign and said they did have a 2% increase in revenue those months.

Direct mail can be an expensive way to advertise if you pay someone to do it, however if you spent the time creating the ads, generating lists (which can be found online), and mailing it out yourself you could do your own test for a lot less. You can usually get a list for your target city, county, state or nationwide for either residential, business or both.

I would recommend our clients to spend 15% or so of their marketing budget on direct mail and track the results. Create several ads and target different areas with the different ads. Once you run your 3 month test, if it worked for you choose the highest return ads and send them to all of your service area.

If you have a smaller budget set up a campaign yourself. See what your competitors are offering, what is in high demand in your area and make sure you track. The biggest loss in advertising is not tracking or knowing where your customers come from. While it can be time consuming and you feel you can manage it in your head, get a notebook and write down every call and job you get, where you got it from and the total value of that client. This will help ensure you have your dollars working for you.

Please let me know what your thoughts or own experiences (if you are a plumber) are when it comes to direct mail marketing for plumbers. All opinions usual differ and I think it is good for plumbing companies to hear what the broad range of people think. As long as your comment isn’t spam it will be posted. If you state facts, please state the sources so those reading can review those facts themselves.

note: while most of this information is based on the opinion & marketing experience of the writer there are facts based on actual statistics. If something is based on an actual statistic or source will be indented. Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding Direct Mail Marketing for Plumbers.

Article By: Michael Parente
Busy Bee Media Group, LLC a Plumber Marketing Company

About the Author: Michael Parente has been working in the marketing world since 1995. Michael has ran several successful online sites from free lotto to marketing for online casinos. He has worked at some of the nations leading advertising organizations including (Gannett & RH Donnelly). Michael also founded Busy Bee Media Group, LLC in 2007 with the basis of making internet marketing affordable to all businesses small & large.

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