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When it comes to the internet the usage has exploded. Facebook to Skype, Bing to Google 80% of people in the US use the internet on a monthly (if not daily basis).

With so many people online a business owner definitely needs to take advantage of the opportunities internet marketing offers. With internet marketing you can sell your product Nationwide and people are buying! Gone are the days of being fearful to shop online. Black Monday (the internet version of Black Friday) sees a growth in purchases online every year.

No longer does someone have to guess if a company is good at what they do or wonder what products they offer. Gone are the days of print products dominating the homes and businesses of the consumer. With smart phone the internet game has changed the marketing forever.

Did you know there are 91.4 million smartphones in the United States alone and 89% of the smart phone owners use their phone on a daily basis Source? What that means to a business owner is with internet marketing you can be in the pocket or purse of a prospective client whenever they are looking for your product or service. That is an amazing asset to any business owner. Imaging being in a place every time someone does research for your product or service!

Local internet marketing seems to be the main focus for most brick and mortar stores to drive traffic to their business and offer services from their company. 8 out of 10 people search online for products and services in their local area. Hence, Google places being listed on top of their search results.

With a cost usually less than that of a ¼ page ad in the phone book that covers a small area you can be online targeting not only your city but those around you.

In my opinion, the internet is the most cost effective option when it comes to ROI for a business.

As a plumber you need to be where people are going to find you. While branding and keeping your name in front of your potential clients is important, the majority of your advertising dollars should be spent on getting calls for those customers when they are looking for your product or service.
We have a plumber here in the Southern Oregon market (a franchise plumber) that was spending tons of money on full page ads, newspaper ads, tv advertising etc. When we set them up with an internet marketing program they saw an increase of 36% within the first year! Imagine growing your business over 1/3 in less than a year for less than a yellow page ad. Yes the internet can be that powerful!

There are several options when it comes to your internet marketing campaign.
SEO (search engine optimization) to get you listed on the first page of the major search engines usually at a monthly cost to maintain the position and making the necessary changes when the search engines change their algorithms.

PPC (pay per click) is used in several options from search engine sponsored results to banner advertising where you opt to pay per click instead of impression.

CPA (cost per acquisition) advertising is where you only pay when you get a lead. This type of advertising is now used by most yellow page companies in order to save their print dollars. It is also used on a lot of internet options. Google’s adwords express allows you to choose the option of paying per call instead of paying per click.

Email Marketing is something you have to be very cautious about doing. While it can be a good way to mention your products or services to clients or perspective clients if it is not done right or ethically it can have an adverse effect on your company (in the worst cases you could be fined for spam and those fines aren’t cheap). Make sure if you are doing this type of marketing that you or the company you are using is not using spam tactics to generate a list.

Banner Marketing is where you place banner ads on sites that have your target client as part of their user base. While this is a great branding aspect, click through rates on banners are lower than 1% on average.

Social Media is a form of marketing that targets users based on the trends and searches of the user. Building and maintaining your business social is an important part of your marketing now and in the future it will become even more important.

Using internet marketing as a plumber is simply a great choice for a great ROI. Generate business from cell phones, computers, laptops and more. Users are looking for you, the question is are you being found or are they finding your competitor?

A recommendation we would make to our plumbers? I recommend a plumber spends 25%-50% of their marketing budget online. I feel it is the biggest bang for your buck and the best opportunity to generate new clients for your company.

If I were to open a plumbing company today and someone said you can only advertise in one place the internet would be my choice. The internet has more engaged users than any other form of advertising and it is expected to grow. Usage gets larger every year and when you throw smart phones into the mix I would want to be in the pocket of all my potential customers, how about you?

Some of the plumbers we work with include: Plumbers in San Diego CA, Plumbers in Sacramento CA, Plumbers in Cleveland & Plumbers in Medford OR

Please let me know what your thoughts or own experiences (if you are a plumber) are when it comes to internet marketing for plumbers. All opinions usual differ and I think it is good for plumbing companies to hear what the broad range of people think. As long as your comment isn’t spam it will be posted. If you state facts, please state the sources so those reading can review those facts themselves.

note: while most of this information is based on the opinion & marketing experience of the writer there are facts based on actual statistics. If something is based on an actual statistic or source will be indented. Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding Internet
Marketing for Plumbers.

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