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Newspaper advertising has been a way a lot of businesses tried to help brand their name. While I think newspaper advertising is good for some businesses it is definitely not something I would recommend a plumber to spend more than 15% of their budget on and even that is the very high end.
The majority of a plumbers marketing budget should be spent in places where someone would actually go when they have a plumbing issue. Last time you needed a plumber did you grab your newspaper? Probably not; just like most of us, you probably relied on the yellow pages when your bathroom was flooding or your sinks were clogged even that has changed significantly as people migrate from the old paper products to the more “eco Friendly” online versions or search engines in general.
 Newspapers print advertising is down across the board. In 2007 (yes just over 5 years ago) dollars spent in the newspapers print product was an astounding 46 billion dollars. Last year’s ad revenues were about 21 billion. So in less than 5 years the newspaper industry lost 50% of its revenue from the print products and recently Gannett the largest newspaper in the world reported a loss of 25% compared to the same quarter in 2011 for their print product (source – NYtimes & Newspaper Association of America). All hope is not lost however. Newspaper advertising can still be effective and while the readership is down in a lot of the cases so are the prices.
Newspaper advertising for a plumber could be good if you are launching a new service, have a special offer you want people to know about and its always a good idea to have a listing in their service directory (as some of the older demographic look their when they need the service in hopes to find a deal).
Your local newspaper most likely has online products that can be valuable for your business as well. While I was at Gannett (as the internet specialist) we were developing exciting products for the advertiser which would help bring more value to their newspaper advertising. I am sure if you do some sort of newspaper advertising your rep has discussed some of these options with you.
As I mention in every article there are good and bad places to spend your money the trick of advertising is to find out what works for you and what brings you the best ROI.
As far as the newspaper “print”, you don’t want to spend a majority of your advertising there. Depending on your budget I would say 5-15% is a good number to throw into your newspaper advertising if you are a plumber, and even that may be pushing it unless you have an online option included.
If you are dead set on doing advertising in the newspaper I would recommend you advertise your company on the days more people would even look at the paper (Wednesday & Sunday), and make sure you have some sort of special offer to help you track the return.
As a plumber you should know that the advertising you spend in the newspaper is like the money you spend on TV and is used simply for branding aspects. While you may get a client or two stumbling in from your ad chances are you are not going to see a return on your investment right away. It is simply getting and keeping your name out there and hoping when someone goes online to look for a plumber your name catches their eye because of the branding you have done offline.
Please let me know what your thoughts are when it comes to newspaper advertising for plumbers. All opinions usual differ and I think it is good for plumbing companies to hear what the broad range of people think. As long as your comment isn’t spam it will be posted. If you state facts, please state the sources so those reading can review those facts themselves.
note: while most of this information is based on the opinion & marketing experience of the writer there are facts based on actual statistics. If something is based on an actual statistic is will be indented and the source will follow. Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding Newspaper Advertising for Plumbers.
Article By: Michael Parente Busy Bee Media Group, LLC a Plumber Marketing Company
About the Author: Michael Parente has been working in the marketing world since 1995. Michael has ran several successful online sites from free lotto to marketing for online casinos. He has worked at some of the nations leading advertising organizations including (Gannett & RH Donnelly). Michael also founded Busy Bee Media Group, LLC in 2007 with the basis of making internet marketing affordable to all businesses small & large.

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