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When it comes to radio advertising my thought is your risking a lot with little to gain.

One of the major problems with Radio is the 35 and under demographic now have iTunes and Pandora to satisfy their music needs (and it is right in their pocket for the most part with smart phones). So if you were looking to target that demographic and you are set on advertising on the radio you will want to look at advertising on those sources.

Is the radio good for a plumber to advertise on? The radio stations simply do not generate the needs or base you need for your marketing budget. Radio advertising can be expensive and like most other forms of advertising it counts on reputition in order to produce even minimal results. As a plumber your marketing dollars would be better spent on other forms of advertising. The radio is simply not the way to go.

Today there are so many options in radio broadcasting that a listener doesn’t have to stay on the radio station (which the only thing they are they for is to listen to music) to listen to commercials. Most users just like you and I will change the station when the radio starts playing commercials to one of our other favorite stations, slide in the cd or put on our Pandora. The bond between the listener and the station (that was common all the way up to the 90’s) is no longer there.

Radio stations need you to believe otherwise. While doing research for this article all I came across on the web was propaganda “from radio stations” about how many people listen to the commercials (I believe I even read 94% – ask 10 of your own friends, business associates or kids if they listen to the commercials or change the station, put in a cd or simply turn down the volume to use as background noise. Bet 9 out of 10 tell you they don’t listen to commercials yet the propaganda from those station reverse those numbers).

If you really feel the need to advertise on the radio the only times I would if I had to do it would be during high traffic times “morning & evening commutes”. Even than my personal opinion is you’re wasting your advertising dollars. I would recommend if you have the need advertise on internet radio like Pandora. I think you will find you will reach a larger market and on Pandora people set their own stations up so it only plays music & artists they like. In this case I would say your commercial retention rate would be a lot higher.

While I have never personally worked for a radio station I have worked with several plumbing companies in small & large markets who have said radio advertising did not work for them. I even had a few that said they did exactly what the station recommended even though the cost was up there to give it a shot. No return was the final result. Based on that alone from plumbers like yourself, I would say if a radio consultant calls run. Throw in my own personal usage facts on how I use the radio and information I have gotten from others about how they use the radio and I am actually surprised they still exist out of the online world.

Usually I end my articles with my % of marketing budget I would spend on this type of marketing. In the case of radio I have to place two different percentages because one type of broadcasting has a lot better chance of success than the other.
Local radio stations I would say 0% of a plumbers marketing budget should be spent on this form.

Internet radio stations (Pandora, iTunes etc.) 0%-10% once again this depends on what other types of advertising you’re doing and more importantly what your marketing budget is. If you yearly marketing budget is $50,000 you shouldn’t even spend 10% as $5,000 in radio marketing for the year will produce 0 results. Another words, the larger the budget the more opportunity you have to generate something from a radio marketing campaign.

Please let me know what your thoughts or own experiences (if you are a plumber) are when it comes to radio advertising for plumbers. All opinions usual differ and I think it is good for plumbing companies to hear what the broad range of people think. As long as your comment isn’t spam it will be posted. If you state facts, please state the sources so those reading can review those facts themselves.

note: while most of this information is based on the opinion & marketing experience of the writer there are facts based on actual statistics. If something is based on an actual statistic is will be indented and the source will follow. Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding Newspaper Advertising for Plumbers.

Article By: Michael Parente
Busy Bee Media Group, LLC a Plumber Marketing Company

About the Author: Michael Parente has been working in the marketing world since 1995. Michael has ran several successful online sites from free lotto to marketing for online casinos. He has worked at some of the nations leading advertising organizations including (Gannett & RH Donnelly). Michael also founded Busy Bee Media Group, LLC in 2007 with the basis of making internet marketing affordable to all businesses small & large.

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