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With so many TV stations bidding for your business which is the best channel or networks to market with? Is TV marketing a good place for plumbers to advertise their company?

As with yellow pages there was a time where TV advertising was good, put a jingle in a commercial and people will be singing your tune as it became viral. The problem with TV marketing now is there is a thing called DVR.

DVR is a system which allows you to record your programs and watch them on your schedule instead of the broadcaster’s schedule. It also allows you to fast forward through commercials (yes the advertising).

As of Feb. 2007 DVR penetration in households was listed at 13.5% impacting only 15% of total viewers. However, as of Feb. 2011 DVR penetration in households reached 39.7% and impacted 42.2% of total viewers (source: neilsen). That means almost 40% of all households have DVR and your commercials could be missed by over 40% of total viewers. I can only assume the numbers have grown in 2012 yet I haven’t found that data so I have to stick with what we know.

Does that mean TV marketing doesn’t work? No. I still believe TV advertising can still be a great place to brand your product and services, depending on cost, spots (time of day) and channels. You are more likely to get those watching unrecorded TV during news broadcasts and sporting events. If the investment is right by all means you should place yourself in as many places as possible you just need to track your ROI.

To track the ROI (Return on investment) from TV advertising some of our clients offer a “TV Price” or “Special Offer” only listed on TV. This helps them track the people that called them directly related to the TV marketing they did.

The hard part to track is the branding value. Having your name repeated and seen several times does have a value. Maybe they didn’t need your service when they saw your commercial but when they needed your service your company comes to mind.

TV marketing can be valuable for any company if done right and for the right reasons. You don’t advertise on TV because you need new customers in the door right now. If you create a commercial thinking that is going to happen chances are you will be let down (9 out of 10 times). Use TV marketing for branding. Keeping your company in front of your potential customers , letting customers know of a service or product you are offering for a limited time, drive them to your website to sign up for a special offer right now (to get a call to action) etc.

Make sure if you are doing TV marketing not to spend a chunk of your marketing budget. You want to use about 10%-15% (if at all) of your budget on TV to compliment the advertising that will bring the customers calling and the revenue flowing in to help pay for your advertising, employees and dare we say put money in your company account.
Please let me know what your thoughts are when it comes to TV advertising for plumbers. All opinions usual differ and I think it is good for plumbing companies to hear what the broad range of people think. As long as your comment isn’t spam it will be posted. If you state facts, please state the sources so those reading can review those facts themselves.
note: while most of this information is based on the opinion & marketing experience of the writer there are facts based on actual statistics. If something is based on an actual statistic is will be indented and the source will follow. Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding TV Marketing for Plumbers.

Article By: Michael Parente

Busy Bee Media Group, LLC a Plumber Marketing Company

About the Author: Michael Parente has been working in the marketing world since 1995. Michael has ran several successful online sites from free lotto to marketing for online casinos. He has worked at some of the nations leading advertising organizations including (Gannett & RH Donnelly). Michael also founded Busy Bee Media Group, LLC in 2007 with the basis of making internet marketing affordable to all businesses small & large.

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